Oregon Association of Talented and Gifted

  OATAG is a grass-roots, volunteer-driven organization with representatives around the state.   We are teachers, parents, administrators, counselors, students, homeschoolers, grandparents, instructional assistance, legislators ... anyone with an interest in gifted education in Oregon.  We are the people who are in the trenches, day-in and day-out, working with individuals who have different learning needs from others in their classroom.

The OATAG Mission Statement:

  • OATAG advocates for the needs of talented and gifted children;
  • Serves as a resource for families, educators, and communities;
  • Provides direction for excellence in education.

Frequently Asked Questions about OATAG

What is OATAG?

OATAG is the Oregon Association for Talented and Gifted, a non-profit, non-discriminatory, state-wide education and advocacy organization, promoting opportunities for talented and gifted children throughout Oregon.  We are the state affiliate of the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC).  Our membership is open to anyone with an interest in promoting opportunities for talented and gifted children.  We seek your support as we work to create new opportunities and improve education for all TAG and high-potential students in Oregon.


Is OATAG a part of Government?

No, OATAG is a non-profit group of private citizens.  We are not affiliated in any way with the Oregon Department of Education (ODE), or any other governmental agencies.  However, OATAG does lobby governmental agencies to make changes to policies and/or laws that are beneficial for Talented and Gifted (TAG) students.


What does OATAG do?

OATAG does a number of things; however, our focus is primarily in three three areas: education, legislation, and affiliation-or networking-of people.  We inform people about TAG issues though meetings, conferences, our Blogs, Forums and Yahoo listserv (email discussion group), our newsletter "A Different Drummer", radio and TV broadcast, our website, etc.  We work with politicians and policy makers in government to the improve learning for TAG students through proposing appropriate legislation.  Finally, we bring folks together and provide a forum for networking so parents and educators have resources available to them for working with TAG students


Why is OATAG important?

OATAG is the statewide advocacy organization for TAG education in Oregon.  We are frequently the lone voice for improvement of learning environments for TAG students, and the primary group voicing opposition to budget cuts involving TAG programs and services.  We want to assist teachers and parents do a better job of educating and guiding TAG students.  We desire to facilitate discussion among all stakeholders concerning common problems that occur in gifted education.  We are the state affiliate for the National Association fo Gifted Children (NAGC)


Why Join OATAG?

OATAG is an organization dedicated to providing TAG students with the educational opportunities that they so desperately need.  We need members to join us in this important work.  We need people-we need YOU-to step up and make a difference in the lives of our children, indeed, in the very future of our nation.  By joining OATAG, you can help in several ways:

  • Your tax-deductible membership dues go to support OATAG in its mission
  • The very fact that your are a member makes us stronger.  When we meet with legislative representatives in Salem to advocate for TAG students, the number of people we represent make a big difference.  Simply stated, politicians are more interested in helping organizations representing greater populations.  By joining OATAG, you add your name to our list of constituents, and therefore increase our ability to influence change.
  • Your assistance-even a few hours a month- is desperately needed to help us carry our this mission.  You could volunteer to write a legislator or your local newspaper, work for a few hours at the annual conference, join a committee, or so much, much, more.

Join OATAG Today.  Becoming a member of OATAG is very inexpensive.  A small price to pay for the incredible advantages of membership (reduced cost at OATAG events such as our annual conference).


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OATAG is pleased to be the fiscal sponsor of the OREGON STATEWIDE SPELLING CHAMPIONSHIP!

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